MAN CEON has launched a new generation of instructional material with augmented-reality features for the global maritime community.

MAN CEON is an umbrella brand of MAN Energy Solutions’ for all digital products.

Called MAN CEON TechGuide, the new solution features different types of multimedia.

Its central components include an augmented-reality view, automatic component recognition and two-way interface with planned maintenance systems.

The solution offers a new way of providing intuitive instructions and guidance on-site and on-demand.

TechGuide enables engineers to select a learning style of their preference, using mobile devices or head-mounted displays. They have options for animations, video, through 3D-models, audio instructions or a PDF document.

MAN Energy Solutions digital and strategy head Per Hansson said: “We foresee great benefits for our customers in the digital transformation of technical documentation.

“Thanks to the rapid development of information technology, MAN CEON TechGuide facilitates an intuitive documentation solution aimed at the safe and fast execution of maintenance and troubleshooting and will further optimise the availability of our customers’ vessels.”

Currently, MAN Energy Solutions is testing the TechGuide onboard various bulk carriers owned by Singapore-based Berge Bulk. The solution has been linked to the owner’s fleet maintenance and management system.

Once a maintenance job is completed using the MAN CEON TechGuide, the information is automatically uploaded to the owner’s system through Wi-Fi in the engine room to merge administrative procedures.

Dr Lars Gruenitz of Berge Bulk said: “The MAN CEON TechGuide app is transforming the way maintenance and inspection operations are carried out on board.

“With the app working in tandem with our current fleet-management system, we believe that it will not only significantly reduce our crew’s workload but that it will also further enhance the quality and reliability of our maintenance operations.”

According to MAN Energy Solutions, the deployment of real-time augmented-reality support in the future will allow shore-based locations to provide expert guidance to on-site crew.

MAN CEON TechGuide application-programming interface (API) facilitates various types of planned maintenance systems (PMSs).