Marlink has signed an agreement to deliver satellite voice and data connectivity services to Overseas Adventure Travel’s (OAT) five adventure cruise ships.

The scope of the contract requires Marlink to offer a suite of solutions to the cruise ships to fulfil data requirements.

Marlink said that its solutions will ensure uninterrupted voice and corporate connectivity to carry out ship management tasks. They will also support the integration of a third-party GSM operator.

Marlink maritime president Tore Morten Olsen said: “OAT’s Small Ship Adventures remind us that there is still a great deal of the world for us to admire and explore.

“Our connectivity solutions bring even the most remote areas within real-time reach of everyone, wherever they are, via social media video and photo uploads, phone calls, SMS texts and emails.”

As part of the contract, the first OAT vessel, MV Corinthian, is already connected by Marlink’s Sealink maritime VSAT service.

The remaining four ships, namely MV Clio, MV Athena, MV Arethusa and MV Artemis, will be gradually equipped.

“Our connectivity solutions bring even the most remote areas within real-time reach of everyone.”

Ships will exhibit Marlink’s dual-band antenna system, which is capable of automatically switching between frequencies to ensure uninterrupted internet coverage.

The on-board system will utilise L-band out-of-band back-up to connect with the Marlink’s Maritime Network Operations Centre (MNOC).

The connection will enable the network and antenna engineers to remotely monitor the performance of the system as well as carry out adjustments in bandwidth and coverage during the contract life cycle.

GCCL and OAT WW Fleet Operation president Simon Laxton said: “At OAT, we pride ourselves on making the comfort, welfare and satisfaction of our customers and crew a primary consideration.

“So it’s only natural that we should draw upon Marlink’s pioneering expertise in end-to-end managed connectivity to make flawless communications to and from more remote destinations a reality.”