Marlink has signed a partnership agreement with Netherlands-based start-up We4Sea to provide innovative fuel efficiency solutions to the maritime industry.

Under the strategic deal, We4Sea will utilise Marlink’s broadband satellite communications network, digital solutions and contacts to further test, develop and mature its fuel efficiency solutions.

The deal will help Marlink achieve its Smart Connectivity strategy, which seeks to support the company’s customers’ digitalisation process and business efficiency through new applications and business models.

Besides, Marlink is expected to pilot, investigate and continue joint development of new solutions and tools for the maritime companies worldwide to meet recent environmental and health standards.

Marlink Strategic Business Development head Gennaro Faella said: “Our global, high bandwidth data connectivity, enables We4Sea to efficiently collect data that further optimises the already 98% accuracy of its ‘no capex, no sensors, no port visit’ digital twin fuel and emissions monitoring algorithms, helping the maritime industry to meet requirements under the 2020 sulphur cap.”

Green shipping can be achieved by combining efficient shipping with minimum ecological damage and clean practices.

It also involves controlling emissions from ships to reduce air pollution and bunker costs to enable shipping companies to stay competitive.

We4Sea CEO and co-founder Dan Veen said: “Big data will play a significant part in enabling ships to reduce sulphur emissions and, together with Marlink, we will contribute to addressing one of the biggest challenges that the shipping industry faces.

“Big data will play a significant part in enabling ships to reduce sulphur emissions.”

“In less than two years, all ships worldwide will have to comply with the new 2020 sulphur cap legislation, which, according to The Economist, could cost the industry $60bn.

“Our solution combined with Marlink’s connectivity and industry leadership will contribute to reducing fuel costs, helping ship owners to operate more cost-effectively. Now is the time to act.”

We4Sea uses a digital twin technology to develop its monitoring solution that helps reduce fuel consumption and related emissions from ships.

The solution is designed to combine the ships’ position, speed, weather, as well as cargo data, which can be accessed through a web platform.