MESPAS, an independent Swiss IT and engineering company, has completely revamped its Technical Ship Management software to create a more intuitive, modern, and user-friendly interface.

The new maritime software solution is easy to use and is similar to Microsoft Office as the new look is built on Microsoft design guidelines.

Furthermore, the interface uses the newest, most up-to-date software technology.

As compared to a browser-based solution, MESPAS is more focused on application development and provides a more professional tool for users with increased flexibility, functionality, advanced security standards, and faster data transfer, the company said.

MESPAS chief technology officer Daniel Gsponer said: “Our customers are very happy with the new user interface for MESPAS TSM. It looks good and is easy to learn, easy to use, and intuitive. Technical ship management becomes easier to manage, data for decision making is at your fingertips.”

MESPAS Technical Ship Management helps in the management of maintenance, operations, QHSE, procurement, and crewing.

Along with mobile applications for daily jobs such as approvals, MESPAS software tool offers a wide range of functionalities for fleet management, resulting in improved performance and business processes, as well as decreased costs.

Further applications for carrying out maintenance jobs and inspections onboard are in the pipeline for the following year.

The company noted that its products are provided on cloud-based software with a library of millions of machine types, spare parts, and documents.