Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has joined forces with MOL Techno-Trade (MOLTT) and Akishima Laboratories to improve the fuel efficiency of MOL Group-operated vessels and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The strategic alliance will improve fuel efficiency and further cut down GHG emissions from vessels immediately by using the strengths of the three companies, including MOL’s FOCUS project, MOLTT’s technical resources, and Akishima’s marine technology research and engineering expertise.

The trio has a target of a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency by the end of FY2024 through a synergetic partnership with EcoMOL, which was formed in the Philippines in May.

The companies will primarily focus on assessing the different characteristics and conditions of each vessel.

They will also focus on combining 18 different types of measures, which include optimal trim, advanced low friction and antifouling paint usages, optimal propeller retro-fittings, better energy-saving devices (ESD) combinations studies, and the swift roll-out of various energy-saving technologies and equipment.

Furthermore, the scope will ‘expand to each vessel’s optimal maintenance revision not limited to dry-docking maintenance but also other timings such as during berthing/anchoring so that the companies can utilise every opportunity to improve vessels performance’.

In addition, the partnership will carry out accurate analysis, validate the effects and continue to make improvements according to the PDCA cycle.

It will also use granular operational big and rich data from the equipment already fitted to vessels in the FOCUS project to steer an engineering-based approach.