Mobile and Sensory Technology (MOST) and Absortech have joined forces to detect and prevent moisture damages in shipping.

Moisture damages primarily occur at the time of longer container transports or shipping.

The real-time monitoring solution from MOST gives customers insight into what happens to the cargo while in transit and send alerts through email or SMS when there is a deviation from the preferred levels on temperature, humidity and shock.

The solution detects intrusions and tracks the position of the shipment to enable proactiveness.

MOST and Absortech noted that the partnership will bring value to existing and new customers.

MOST CEO Jon Hjertenstein said: “Both companies are solving problems appearing during transportation and shipping. By partnering up we become even stronger, there are many synergies between us.”

Using MOST real-time monitoring technology, companies will be able to monitor their cargo in real time and check the effectiveness of their transport protection measures such as Absortech’s desiccants.

“The device is equipped with four digital sensors to record temperature, humidity, light and shock.”

Absortech CEO Rikard Kanmert said: “We have the deepest respect for each other’s business and offerings. In addition, we both operate out of Sweden and have a global reach.

“One by one, we help the industry to detect or prevent damages. When we now integrate, we add a lot of value for our customers, reduce their waste, improve their profit, and protect their brands.”

The result of the partnership is called AbsorTrack, which is powered by MOST. The device is equipped with four digital sensors to record temperature, humidity, light and shock.

The information is uploaded to the cloud frequently. Location is also tracked and accessible through a web panel that is user-friendly.

When sensor data crosses a threshold, users will receive alert emails and live reports of the conditions of the containers where the device is installed.