Qatar Ports Management Company, also known as Mwani Qatar, has signed an agreement to build the Hobyo Port in central Somalia.

The construction of the project will require an investment of around $170m.

Qatari Transport and Communications Minister Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti and Somalia Minister for Airports Maryan Aweis Jama said that construction of the Hobyo Port is expected to commence soon.

However, they did not reveal any further details about the port project.

The design and construction of the port will incorporate the latest international standards, as well as comply with the safety and security regulations.

Both the Qatar and Somalian authorities noted that Hobyo Port will enable further collaboration in the maritime transportation sector besides creating new business and investment channels in Somalia.

The planned port will also facilitate easy access to new markets in Africa, as well as international markets.

Being near to the strategic maritime route Bab al-Mandab Strait, the Hobyo Port aims to become an important harbour in Somalia.

It is also significant due to its location in the Mudug region, which links the south and the north of the country.

State-owned Mwani Qatar manages seaports and shipping terminals. It also oversees quays, dry ports and container terminals in the country.

Commercial ports, including Hamad Port and Al Ruwais Port, are managed by Mwani Qatar. The company also looks after the Doha Port, which is currently being developed into a cruise port.

Mwani Qatar has collaborated with several companies to develop seaports and related services in line with global standards.