Maritime services provider Navig8 has selected Windward‘s Predictive Intelligence platform to optimise vessel screening for bunkering and sanctions compliance processes.

Windward’s Maritime artificial intelligence (AI) platform will also help to streamline trading processes and provide business intelligence insights to tap new business opportunities.

Windward CEO and co-founder Ami Daniel said: “Our solution takes it one step further and ensures sanctions compliance and optimised business practices, leveraging our technology to find more bunker trading opportunities, freeing up Navig8 to look to the future and focus on other business needs and goals.”

Windward’s will be used by Navig8 as a primary tool for sanctions compliance, thereby helping to improve the screening of any ship entering their pools and any third-party ships carrying out ship-to-ship transfers with their fleet.

Navig8’s bunkering company, Integr8, will deploy the platform for screening the bunkered vessels.         

Windward’s solution is powered by behavioural analytics models and advanced machine learning.

This solution will enable Navig8 to gather insights on vessel behaviours, ownership structures and company risks, as well as forecast high-risk companies and vessels.

Navig8 chief financial officer Paul Stevens said: “Our partnership with Windward is an essential tool to help us make clear and timely trading decisions across a number of our business lines and offerings.

“Windward’s research and alerting capabilities offer swift and efficient support for our business team, which uses the platform to create business intelligence insights and facilitate new business opportunities.”

Earlier this month, Windward added a capability for Russia sanctions compliance to its Maritime AI platform to manage risks linked to the sanctions against Russia.