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Sweden-based Alfa Laval has received an order for exhaust gas cleaning systems from Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL).

As part of the deal, Alfa Laval will provide four PureSOx scrubbers, three being PureSOx 2.0 systems and the fourth will be a test of the inline version.

The company will deliver the systems later this year, which will be installed as retrofits aboard four Royal Caribbean International ships, including three of the Freedom-class and one of the Voyager-class.

Each of the Freedom of the Seas, Independence of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas ships will secure a hybrid scrubber with multiple inlets and Adventure of the Seas will receive an inline hybrid with one main engine connected.

Royal Caribbean Cruises maritime executive vice-president Harri Kulovaara said: "SOx scrubber systems are part of our commitment to meeting or exceeding important environmental standards, as they allow compliance even where low-sulphur fuels have limited availability.

"SOx scrubber systems are part of our commitment to meeting or exceeding important environmental standards."

"We chose Alfa Laval and PureSOx on the basis of strong references, a strong technical platform and a strong willingness to cooperate in implementing the technology on our vessels."

The standard U-shaped configuration of PureSOx 2.0 can be successfully integrated into all three of RCL’s Freedom-class vessels, despite the daunting issues of space and weight on a cruise ship.

Design of the Adventure of the Seas required additional constraints, as the space available in the vessel was less and the stability issues are also greater than the Freedom-class vessels.

It will be the first vessel installed with an inline version of PureSOx, which has been under development at the Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre in Aalborg, Denmark.

Image: Alfa Laval’s exhaust gas cleaning systems will be installed to RCL’s cruise ships. Photo: courtesy of Alfa Laval AB.