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Australian-based ship manufacturer Austal has won two new contracts to build three commercial passenger ferries with a total value of around A$30m ($22m) from Seaspovill and Supercat Fast Ferry (SFFC).

As part of the first contract, Austal will build a 50m high-speed passenger catamaran for Seaspovill, which operates various high-speed ferries on different domestic routes in South Korea.

To be constructed by Austal Philippines in Balamban, Cebu, the catamaran is expected for delivery in June next year.

"We are seeing a resurgence in the passenger ferry market worldwide which Austal is well placed to win."

The catamaran, which will be built with around A$16m ($12m), is designed on the basis of an Incat Crowther design and can carry up to 450 passengers at speeds of up to 40k.

Austal chief executive officer David Singleton said: "Austal has a world-class reputation for high-speed ferries and naval vessels which continues to be recognised and brings quality work to the business.

"We are seeing a resurgence in the passenger ferry market worldwide which Austal is well placed to win."

Currently, Seaspovill owns a 48m high-speed catamaran, Seastar 3, built by Austal in 1998.

Additionally, Austal won a contract from Philippines’ SFFC, which a subsidiary of transportation and logistics company 2Go Group, for two 30m passenger catamaran ferries.

The SFFC contract, worth A$13m ($9m), also includes the provision of spares.

Once built, the two new catamarans, with capacity to carry up to 300 passengers each at up to 25k will join SFFC’s ‘Supercat’ fast ferry fleet operating between ten ports throughout the Philippines Archipelago.

Construction of the two Incat-Crowther designed vessels will also be carried out at Austal Philippines and are scheduled to deliver by June next year.

Since 2013, Austal Philippines has built nine ships and has also collaborated with Austal Australia on a further two ship programmes.

Image: The 50m high speed catamaran to be built by Austal Philippines for Seaspovill. Photo: courtesy of Incat Crowther.