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BMT Smart (BMT) has successfully incorporated its vessel performance monitoring system into two Minerva Marine chemical tankers, Minerva Leo and Minerva Tychi.

The BMT Smart system integrates on-board data, collected automatically from navigation and automation systems, with on-shore data, such as accurate Hindcast Metocean statistics.

The Minerva Marine team can use BMT’s web-based Smartfleet application, which combines accurate metocean data with the company’s algorithms to isolate the different components contributing to overall vessel performance.

The technology enables on-shore personnel to make decisions about how to restore a vessel’s performance.

Minerva Marine New Buildings and S&P senior engineer Maria Tsobanoglou said: "BMT has been able to offer a comprehensive package that can fully support our efforts to monitor daily operational costs and optimise fleet performance.

"The hardware seamlessly integrates with different on-board automation systems, synchronising easily with the on-board database.

"BMT provides flexibility in data display and analysis, with trends and live feedback, making it easier for us to manage our maintenance strategies and quantify the results of an energy saving solution, or calculate the payback period of a particular investment."

BMT will also install its shaft power torque metre and vessel performance monitoring systems for two new Suezmax tankers, Minerva Kalyspo and Minerva Evropi.

Image: An image of Minerva’s vessel fitted with BMT’s vessel performance monitoring system. Photo: courtesy of BMT Group Ltd.