Ship Data Centre (ShipDC), a subsidiary of ClassNK, has announced that its database service will now receive marine weather information from the Japan Weather Association (JWA).

JWA offers big data marine weather information including meteorological and oceanographic phenomena, allowing a vessel to modify its route in a bid to achieve fuel-efficiency and a strategic speed to ensure punctuality.

JWA will offer real-time marine weather information such as offshore wind (direction, speed), waves (height, frequency, direction) and ocean currents (direction, speed).

ShipDC will also offeroptional information such as long-term marine weather information, wave spectral information.

A safer ship design will be facilitated by the help of the feedback following an extensive assessment of voyage data procured from the sea-going vessels and the meteorological information.

Both ShipDC and JWA have developed an interface through ClassNK’s Joint R&D for Industry Programme.

Inaugurated last year, ShipDC poses as a platform to assist in the optimal utilisation of big data big data related to shipping by securely collecting, storing and providing data to users through its data centre.

It intends to promote an infrastructure to centrally control the vessel’s data and use it at a low cost to increase opportunities for big data utilisation across the maritime industry.