Canadian marine battery manufacturer Corvus Energy and Germany’s Siemens have been awarded a contract to install an energy storage system (ESS) on Fannefjord LNG hybrid ferry operated by Norway’s Fjord1.

The vessel will use a 1,050V, 410kWh ESS consisting of 63 Corvus Energy AT6500 advanced lithium polymer batteries. Powered by two LNG generators, the ESS will be incorporated with the existing Siemens drive systems.

Corvus Energy business development vice-president Sean Puchalski said: “We are very pleased that Corvus’ energy storage system was selected for this innovative vessel.

“Based on our research, the Fannefjord will be the world’s first LNG-battery hybrid ferry in operation.”

“The Fannefjord will be the world’s first LNG-battery hybrid ferry in operation.”

The 123m-long Fannefjord ferry is capable of accommodating 390 passengers and 125 cars or 12 road trailers and 55 cars. This LNG-diesel-electric ferry features one diesel engine and two LNG-fuelled main engines.

With this conversion to a battery hybrid form, the vessel will be able to minimise methane slip and offer reduced greenhouse gas emissions, added fuel-efficiency along with better maintenance costs and improved engine performance.

The lithium polymer energy storage technology offers a better solution for hybridisation of commercial LNG-powered vessels, as it delivers the consistent power and reliability to support the specific performance attributes of LNG-powered vessels.

Recently, Corvus concluded a three-month trial of the hybrid ferry MF Finnoy equipped with a 960V, 260kW ESS consisting of 40 Corvus Energy AT6500 lithium polymer batteries.

The vessel’s ESS system was integrated with Siemens’ existing drive systems and powered by two 650kW diesel generators.