Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) is set to contribute to a pilot project, initiated by GateHouse, on the development and testing of a system that collects real-time data from various components on-board ships by next year.

The data to be collected by the new system will be constantly sent to shore-based organisations, enabling the authorities, shipowners and marine equipment manufacturers to use the information in real-time.

Equipped with several sensors, the system will be designed to measure the condition of the ship's equipment and record emissions from the ship.

"Once completed, the system will help the marine equipment industry to provide better services to shipowners."

Various other companies including Uni-Tankers, Logimatic and others will also contribute to the project.

DMA aims to combine the experience gained from the new pilot project with elements EfficienSea2 project, a European Union (EU)-funded project where DMA is a partner.

Danish Maritime Authority deputy director general Troels Blicher Danielsen said: “In the near future, many ships will be on-line all the time, exactly as is already the case on land.

“This presents a business opportunity for innovative companies in Blue Denmark, and the Danish Maritime Authority wants to contribute to this by taking part in this pilot project.

“If we can simultaneously demonstrate that the technology makes it easier to continuously monitor ships' emissions of, for example, sulphur, then it could be a big step towards more effective enforcement."

Once completed, the system will help the marine equipment industry to provide better services to shipowners.

The authorities will also be able to continuously monitor several regulatory emission limits, such as ships' sulphur and other emissions.

DMA is currently responsible for Denmark’s shipping industry and its framework conditions as well as the ship and its crew.

Image: Danish Maritime Authority to support the development of a new ship-borne data transmitting system. Photo: courtesy of Danish Maritime Authority.