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Finnish ship design firm Deltamarin has launched a new Ro-Pax vessel design, DeltaChallenger.

Launched during the Nor-Shipping 2015 exhibition in Oslo, Norway, the new concept features dual-fuel electric machinery, four power plants and a compact Azipod D pod propulsion system.

The vessel will also be equipped with GTT Mark III membrane LNG tanks each with a capacity of 1,200m³ with superior layout advantages for efficient loading and unloading configurations.

Deltamarin R&D manager Päivi Haikkola said: "With the new DeltaChallenger we aim to show what the future’s combined passenger and cargo ship could be.

"By combining the top-level existing technology, you can create something unique but functional."

"By combining the top-level existing technology, you can create something unique but functional.

"The right product for the customer may not be the DeltaChallenger as such, but the idea is that together with the customer and our partners we can develop exactly the exceptional ship that best serves the customer’s future needs."

The 200m-long and 30.4m-wide vessel will have a 6m draught and deadweight of 7,900t. It will feature 267 cabins for passengers and 32 for crew, and can accommodate up to 950 passengers and 50 staff.

The carrier will have 2,720m of trailer lanes on main and upper deck, and 480 car lanes / 104 cars in two levels in the lower hold. Using hoistable car decks, the ship can be loaded with up to 950 cars.

Image: Deltamarin’s new DeltaChallenger Ro-Pax design. Photo: courtesy of Deltamarin Ltd.