Germany-based Duisport Group is expanding the container handling capacities at its logport I and logport III container terminals on the left bank of the Rhine.

The expansion includes building rail infrastructure, expanding the number of gantry cranes from six to ten, and expanding the handling and deporting area by 13ha.

Duisburger Hafen CEO Erich Staake said that through the targeted build-up and new construction of terminal capacities the company is creating conditions for further growth.

“We will have capacities to handle five million standard containers as early as January 2015,” Staake said.

The first phase of expansion on logport I will be completed by the end of February, followed by the addition of a trimodal portal crane, the second for the terminal.

In autumn this year, a third rail crane for the neighbouring and also trimodal container terminal DIT will be added.

To accommodate the rail cranes, the company is expanding the terminal area by 10ha.

The company will also set-up two new rail cranes at the bimodal terminal logport III in Duisburg-Hohenbudberg, where the first crane will be operating in April and the second in the autumn.

The current terminal area is being expanded by 3ha to accommodate the cranes.

Staake said that with seven handling platforms, two shunting tracks and two gantry cranes, the handling capacity of logport III will be increased to around 600,000 TEU in the final stage.

“Thus we can further build on our position as the largest container handling location in Central Europe,” Staake added.

Image: Duisport to add gantry cranes on logport I and logport III container terminals. Photo: courtesy of Duisburger Hafen AG.