EMC , a mission-critical communications and content provider, has launched a new global Ku-band very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT) package of connectivity and content for ships at sea.

The new package is optimised for the next-generation high-throughput satellite (HTS) networks that are currently being deployed.

EMC commercial shipping business unit president Gilles Gillesen said: "Designed with crew welfare as a top priority, the new EMC VSAT platform offers a combination of services and capabilities never before available from a single marine VSAT supplier.

"SpeedNet works in the background on mobile and desktop browsers, to speed up page load times."

"New features include our exclusive SpeedNet high-speed web browsing service, live TV programming delivered through the Ku-band network, video and entertainment on demand and a powerful new account management portal, all wrapped up in a competitively priced package."

Designed to provide internet access at sea, EMC’s patented SpeedNet technology uses a proprietary intelligent protocol to fetch, compress and push multiple layers of websites at once to local servers.

EMC noted that SpeedNet works in the background on mobile and desktop browsers, to speed up page load times.

Currently, SpeedNet is built into all EMC ship installations as a standard feature.

From this year, EMC is planning to start broadcasting live TV programming over the same Ku-band network that offers voice and data services for ships at sea.

Gillesen added: "This is the next step in bringing crewmembers more of the comforts of home, easing the burden of loneliness and the feeling of separation often experienced during long sea voyages."

Currently, EMC offers internet, live TV, on-demand video, voice, cellular and 3G/LTE services, and other services across the globe, as well as operating 21 fully meshed multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) interconnected teleports in the US, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

The company is also planning to introduce a new back-end billing and account management platform that helps crew and network admins to manage both voice and data plans from a single portal.

Furthermore, EMC’s compact hardware configurations offer a low cost of entry for ship managers.