Italian shipbuilding group Fincantieri has delivered a new vessel to Carnival Group-owned cruise line Princess Cruises at the Monfalcone shipyard.

The newly delivered vessel is named Majestic Princess, and is the third of its kind to be built by Fincantieri. It features a design similar to its sister ships, Royal Princess and Regal Princess.

The cruise ship has a gross weight of 145,000t and can carry 4,250 passengers on board its 1,780 cabins, including 1,350 crew members.

Majestic Princess was specifically designed and built to cater to the Chinese market, and includes a new livery with the Princess Cruises logo painted on both sides of the vessel's bow. The Chinese ideogram ‘Shèng Shì Gng Zh Haò’ is also painted on the vessel, meaning ‘Grand Spirit’.

The Bermuda-flagged vessel also features various new venues, including karaoke rooms and restaurants to offer different varieties of cuisine specially tailored to Chinese passengers' tastes and preferences.

"The Bermuda-flagged vessel features various new venues, including karaoke rooms and restaurants to offer different varieties of cuisine specially tailored to Chinese passengers' preferences."

Fincantieri has built 77 cruise ships to date, and is currently in the middle of building and designing a further 30 vessels across its various shipyards.

The company has also started construction on the first of three new cruise ships for Virgin Group subsidiary Virgin Voyages as part of a separate development.

Each vessel will be 278m-long and 38m-wide, and will weigh an estimated 110,000t. Deliveries of the ships are expected to begin by 2020.

The ships will include more than 1,400 guest cabins upon completion, which will be able to accommodate more than 2,700 passengers and 1,150 crew members.