Italy-based Fincantieri has signed a new strategic cooperation agreement with Mapei to carry out research and development (R&D) in the field of shipbuilding.

The collaboration will allow Fincantieri to optimise installation times, reduce the weight of certain materials, and improve acoustic insulation by using specific products.

It will also allow the company to develop and extend the use of adhesives solutions across a number of shipbuilding applications.

The new partnership initiative will initially focus on the development of materials and resins for innovative, high-quality finishes and waterproofing of wet areas, as well as textiles with optimised sound-absorption properties.

The arrangement will further support joint training activities in order to enhance the companies' capacity for innovation with regards to products and processing.  

"Along with the design, executive and organisational skills, we nurture the spirit of research needed to meet the demands of our clients."

Fincantieri CEO Giuseppe Bono said: “The cooperation with Mapei, worldwide leader in its market segment, is wholly consistent with our strategy of increasing the final added value of the product we provide.

“For this reason, we need partners sharing our same commitment to innovation, helping us to develop new ideas and projects in specific fields.

“Fincantieri confirms to be a big lab: along with the design, executive and organisational skills, we nurture the spirit of research needed to meet the demands of our clients, always asking for a high level of excellence.”

Mapei's current activities focus on the provision of chemical products for the construction industry, and the partnership is expected to allow the company to carry out projects that may lead to potential benefits in its primary field of operation.

The company also serves the shipbuilding industry with a dedicated line of products and solutions.