Italian harbour towage company Fratelli Neri has placed an order with Damen for three new vessels, with one being used by its joint venture Labromare.

The company intends to deliver these vessels in November this year.

Once delivered, the three vessels, an ASD Tug 2913, a Stan Tug 1606 and a Stan Launch 1305, will be operated in and around the port of Italy’s Livorno located in the Mediterranean Sea.

The new order has brought the number of Damen vessels ordered by Fratelli Neri in the last year to six.

Damen North, West and South Europe sales manager Andrea Trevisan said: “Once again, Damen’s policy of building for stock has enabled a vessel operator to obtain customised, high quality vessels in substantially shorter time frames than is possible when building to order.

“These three vessels also represent a cross section of the various capabilities that that the group can provide its clients, and we are confident that each will give many years of efficient service.”

"We are confident that each will give many years of efficient service."

In January, Fratelli Neri received an ASD Tug 3212, which is the first in the Mediterranean to be fitted with a render recovery winch.

A few months ago, the company also bought two used Stan Tugs 2608 via Damen Trading.

The newly ordered ASD 2913 is currently under construction at Damen Shipyards Galati, Romania, and will undergo modifications to ensure full compliance with Italian flag requirements. Modifications include FiFi1, oil recovery capability and an aft bridge.

The newly ordered Stan Launch 1305 is also currently in stock at Gorinchem and will be employed by Labromare to deliver a range of environmental services in Italy.

It will be equipped with a bow thruster and an aft towing hook.

Image: Fratelli Neri Group, Labromare Livorno and Damen representatives during the contract signing for the three vessels. Photo: courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.