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GE Marine Solutions has been selected to deliver auxiliary electric systems to Maersk Line , marking the company’s entry into the container ship industry.

The delivery package includes GE’s Power Take Off / Power Take In (PTO/PTI) technology, which consists of two drives, two induction motors and a power management system.

The technology will be incorporated into Maersk Line’s 11 second-generation Triple-E container vessels, which have a capacity of 19,630 twenty foot equivalent units (teu) and are being built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME ) shipyard in South Korea.

“Having Maersk as a partner, our entry into the container ship industry could not be more impactful.”

The solution can generate excess power on-demand, while reducing fuel consumption.

When not in use, the PTO/PTI technology uses the surplus energy to power on-board systems and equipment.

The PTO/PTI technology is comprised of a shaft generator motor installed between the main engine and the propeller, which acts as either a generator or a booster to generate electricity from slow streaming speeds to the design speed of the vessel.

The technology exploits the mechanical energy of the vessel’s drive shaft to convert it into electrical energy.

The electric machine is fitted with induction motors instead of synchronous motors. By removing transformers, it is said to offer a simpler design, making it more reliable and requiring less capital expenditure.

The arrangement of induction motors decreases the requirement of frequent maintenance, and the system promotes fuel efficiency, reducing the cost incurred by the end-user.

GE Marine Solutions president and CEO Tim Schweikert said: "Having Maersk as a partner, our entry into the container ship industry could not be more impactful.

"GE is continuously investing and developing solutions for the marine industry, and with our PTO/PTI technology, we are reinforcing our intention of driving the industry forward."

Image: GE to provide auxiliary electric systems to Maersk Line. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.