Hyundai Heavy Industries has partnered with Accenture to develop a ‘connected smart ship’ platform for the ship industry.

The collaboration is part of Hyundai Heavy Industries’ plan to switch its operations from manufacturing to services.

The new platform, which uses a network of sensors, will allow ship operators to gain access to ship voyage information, including location, weather, and ocean current data as well as on-board equipment and cargo status data.

"Our ambition is to lead innovation in ship operations, shipping and the port logistics sector."

Planned to be developed using Hyundai Heavy Industries’ on-ship platform and the Accenture Connected Platforms as a Service (CPaaS), the platform will apply various digital technologies to provide operators with potential cost savings.

Ship owners will be able to monitor a vessel’s status in real-time using real-time analytics and data visualisation technology for decision-making that will support more efficient operations.

Services offered by the ‘connected smart ship’ will include real-time alerts and warnings, predictive maintenance and efficient scheduling.

Hyundai Heavy Industries shipbuilding division chief operating officer Moon-kyoon Yoon said: "Through this collaboration with Accenture, our ambition is to lead innovation in ship operations, shipping and the port logistics sector."

This collaboration will benefit the company’s customers with administrative and user management, and device management services.

Accenture senior managing director Eric Schaeffer said: "Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by embracing the connectivity wave underpinning the Internet of Things and integrating digital services into their products to keep pace with the next wave of innovation.

"Our collaboration with Hyundai Heavy Industries utilises our digital technology and deep industry experience to enable a traditional ‘products’ company to adapt its business model, taking advantage of digital technologies like analytics."