International Paint, a unit of specialty chemical company AkzoNobel, has introduced Intersmooth 7465Si SPC and Interswift 6900Si silyl acrylate antifouling coatings for application to vessels.

The new silyl acrylate antifouling coatings offer solvent emission levels of less than 400g/l VOC, making them one of the lowest solvent emitting products in the industry, the company said.

International Paint Business Development Manager Mike Hindmarsh said the company recognises that customers have different requirements and operational preferences, which is why the company offers a broad choice of fouling control products and technologies in the high performance range.

“Customers simply choose which technology option best meets their needs and we deliver the performance,” Hindmarsh said.

The new products offer high level of in-service performance similar to the company’s current Intersmooth 7460/5HS SPC and Interswift 6800HS copper acrylate antifouling coatings. Suitable for newbuilding, maintenance and repair, the Intersmooth 7465Si SPC has 55% volume solids allowing faster application, reduction in wastage and lower solvent emissions to the atmosphere.

Unlike lower volume solids products, the new paints reduces overspray leading to lower contamination levels in dock and reduced applicator exposure. It also offers the vessel operator predictable, high performance fouling control for up to 90 months, and its self-smoothing action reduces fuel use by 4%, cutting operational costs, lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

Interswift 6900Si incorporates silyl acrylate polymer technology which offers 61% volume solids, surface tolerance and in-service periods of up to 60 months, with potential fuel savings of 1.5%. International Paint had secured a patent in 2006 for silyl acrylate technology for use with products of <400g/l VOC (volatile organic compounds).