US-based software provider Kewill has partnered with ocean shipping electronic marketplace, information and service provider, Inttra, to deliver freight forwarding software that will assist shippers and forwarders to meet the new Solas Container Weight Verification requirement.

According to the Solas container weight verification requirement, a container has to be weighed before being loaded onto the vessel and should match the weight limit.

The suite of software to be adopted includes Inttra’s eVGM solution which features a SaaS web application submission facilitating easy work-flow based data entry forms.

The data moves into the eVGM repository which is made accessible to carriers and third parties including weight station providers and terminals.

The solution allows shippers to validate the verified gross mass [VGM] of their containers and relay the data electronically to their carriers.

"The requirements for full-service freight forwarding software in the ocean shipping industry are expanding."

Inttra president and CEO Inna Kuznetsova said: "The requirements for full-service freight forwarding software in the ocean shipping industry are expanding to include submitting VGMs, and Kewill is leading the way.

"Our integrated Inttra eVGM solution will provide Kewill customers with the industry’s most flexible, efficient and comprehensive VGM compliance service, which will create minimum disruption to existing business processes."

Along with Inttra’s solution, Kewill will reduce costs by introducing automated processes along with reporting and documentation capabilities.

The shipments, involved in the process, can be handled globally, nationally as well locally in any mode.

They will also ensure providing the customers an end-to-end visibility across all shipments and integrate with global carriers and customs authorities for full collaboration as well as keep the concerned authorities acquainted with changing custom rules.