US-based Matson deployed Navis’ N4 terminal operating system (TOS) at its terminals, located at three ports in Alaska, US.

Deployment of the N4 TOS is expected to improve operations and increase the efficiency of Matson’s Alaska operations, which handles around 70,000 containers annually.

Last year, the company purchased its Alaska operations, which includes port terminals, vessels and equipment, from Horizon Lines.

"We were proud to commit our support to a series of terminals so vital to Alaskan trade."

The newly deployed N4 TOS has replaced Navis’ SPARCS, and a homegrown operating system.

Additionally, Matson’s terminal in Honolulu, US, is currently using the N4 TOS.

Navis Americas vice-president and general manager Chuck Schneider said: “We were proud to commit our support to a series of terminals so vital to Alaskan trade.

“We view this partnership as further evidence that the N4 TOS is the right choice for terminals of all sizes.

“It is equally important for small and large terminals to have standardised operations across regions, and we are happy to be working with Matson towards that goal.”

Separately, TCP has implemented the Navis N4 TOS in Brazil’s Paranaguá Container Terminal, with an investment of R$25m ($7m).

Installation of the new TOS is expected to boost Paranaguá Container Terminal’s productivity, reduce costs and improve interface with its customers.

According to Navis, the evolution of infrastructure and processes of the Paranaguá Container Terminal has led to the replacement of the terminal’s existing TOS.