MOL Ship Management (MOLSHIP), Mitsui O.S.K. Lines’ dry-cargo ship management company, in partnership with Philippines-based maritime software developer Spectral Technologies, has developed new on-board management software for the safe operations of vessels.

Called WRH5, the software can be used to manage crews' work and rest hours.

Developed in compliance with the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) latest provisions of the MLC-Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, WRH5 will be installed on MOLSHIP managed vessels.

"Vessel operators will be able to use working plans and records for port state control (PSC) purposes."

The newly developed software also complies with Japanese Mariners Law.

MOLSHIP said that WRH5 would help reduce the burden on specific crewmembers and ensure proper management of on-board work and rest hours.

Capable of performing onshore monitoring, the WRH5 allows shore managers to supervise the labour allocation plan and provide guidance on its validity and conformity with rules.

Using a ship-to-shore telecommunication method, the software allows the sharing of labour allocation plans and operational status with the onshore ship management company.

With the help of WRH5’s recording feature, vessel operators will be able to use working plans and records for port state control (PSC) purposes.

In August, MOL, along with its subsidiary MOL Information Systems, entered into a deal with Japan’s Yokohama National University to conduct a joint study on the analysis and use of big data related to ocean shipping.

The joint study seeks to develop the capability to analyse data associated with economics and maritime affairs.

It also aims to develop the ability to forecast the ocean shipping market and bunker prices.

Image: WRH5 operation screen. Photo: courtesy of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines.