US-based Maryland Port Administration (MPA) has contracted defence and security company Saab to provide an information management system for use at the Port of Baltimore.

The deal will see Saab supply its KleinPort system that includes the new common operating picture (COP), which is expected to allow all authorised port stakeholders to have easy, map-based access to the port.

The information stored in the system is layered to enable users to select only the data relevant to their interest.

KleinPort is intended to provide a high-level port overview to business staff, while operations personnel will be supplied with information related to routine tasks directly from the COP’s user interface.

The solution will enable port stakeholders to view data in real-time and coordinate responses through one common view.

The system is part of Saab’s Maritime Traffic Management product portfolio and is scheduled to be deployed by the end this year.

It is slated to become operation in the beginning of next year.

“The system is part of Saab’s Maritime Traffic Management product portfolio and is scheduled to be deployed by the end this year. “

MPA Operations director Brian Miller said: “The Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Port Administration selected Saab to take advantage of their new Common Operating Picture functionality, which will significantly improve maritime domain awareness.

“In addition, KleinPort will allow us to become a more efficient port and improve our customer service.”

The Port of Baltimore is operated by MPA and was recently recognised as the most efficient container port in the US.

The facility also serves cruises to the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Caribbean throughout the year.