mgt control room

Navis has successfully installed its N4 terminal operating system at the Port of Montreal’s cargo container facility, Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGT). Navis, which is part of the Cargotec Corporation, is the global technology standard for managing the movement of cargo through terminals.

The new N4 terminal operating system will help MGT to modernise its IT infrastructure, optimise terminal efficiency, facilitate on-going logistics innovations and provide a more secure environment.

Commenting on the implementation, MGT CEO Michael Fratianni said that the system roll-out was a flawless success in terms of system performance, stability and user acceptance.

“MGT’s migration to N4 demonstrates our focus on providing customers with the highest level of service. This is one of a series of technical and operational implementations in the planning or execution stages,” Fratianni said.

“The system roll-out was a flawless success in terms of system performance, stability and user acceptance.”

The new system replaced the existing Navis’ legacy software SPARCS and an internally developed data host system at MGT.

Integrating all systems onto a single platform enables N4 customers to run their operations from one terminal to multiple terminals, spread across several geographic locations.

As part of the system deployment, Navis performed rigorous pre-launch testing and simulations after completing the initial planning phase.

The company has also set up a post-live support strategy for on-going software assessments and facilitate continued success of the N4 system at MGT.

MGT has an annual TEU capacity of more than 1.8m and services all aspects of terminal operations, including ship, gate and rail operations. The facility is a strategic gateway between North America, Europe, and the Mediterranean for container cargo.

Image: Montreal Gateway Terminals’ control room. Photo: courtesy of Navis.