Germany-based coastal shipping company Reederei H-P Wegener has used the Alfa Laval PureSOx exhaust gas cleaning system to save on fuel expense.

The Alfa Laval PureSOx solution has also enabled Reederei to meet new sulphur emission limits published in January last year.

Reederei currently has a fleet of four container feeder vessels, two of which have been chartered by Finnish company Containerships.

"PureSOx lets Containerships VI and VIII continue using HFO, instead of more expensive, low-sulphur alternatives."

Last year, both the chartered vessels, featuring around 1,000 twenty foot equivalent unit (TEU) and powered by 12.6MW four-stroke Wärtsilä main engines, were retrofitted with Alfa Laval PureSOx solution at German Dry Docks in Bremerhaven.

Reederei H-P Wegener managing director Dr Jörn Mecklenburg said: "PureSOx lets Containerships VI and VIII continue using HFO, instead of more expensive, low-sulphur alternatives.

"A scrubber starts to pay off when 40% of a vessel's time is spent in ECAs, so the business case for these vessels was very clear.

“Even with the lower fuel delta in the past year, it turned out to be a good investment."

The two vessels chartered to Containerships, have been retrofitted with open-loop PureSOx systems, which were specially designed for the low-alkalinity Baltic waters in which the vessels operate.

Additionally, Reederei plans to install the system in the hybrid conversion of the vessels in future.

The charterer's fuel costs could have been increased by up to 100%, if they will be switched to MGO or another low-sulphur fuel.

An additional cost of €1.5m will be required to buy around 8,000 metric tonnes of fuel per year.

Alfa Laval currently provides specialised products and engineering solutions for power plants, ships, oil and gas exploration, mechanical engineering industry, and others.

Image: Alfa Laval PureSOx solution enables Reederei to meet new sulphur emission limits. Photo: courtesy of ALFA LAVAL.