Rolls-Royce has entered a deal with WestSea Yard to equip a new expeditionary oceanic cruise ship for Portuguese cruise company Mystic Cruises.

The ship will be named MS World Explorer and is set to be Mystic Cruises’ first expeditionary oceanic cruise vessel

Rolls-Royce will supply two Bergen C25:33L8P main engines and a Bergen C25:33L6P auxiliary dual generator for installation on-board the ship.

The engines and generator connect to a low-voltage AFE ‘SAVeCUBE’ power electric system, which will enable the engines to operate at variable speeds.

Rolls-Royce will also provide the automation and control system as part of the arrangement, in addition to the complete Promas propulsion system equipped with two controllable-pitch propellers (CPP) integrated with flap rudders. 

The company has also agreed to provide the vessel's steering gears and tunnel thrusters.

MS World Explorer was designed by Italian naval architect Giuseppe Tringali and is currently under construction at the WestSea Shipyard in Portugal.

"Our experience of all aspects of ship design and construction has allowed us to help Mystic Cruises carefully consider the MS World Explorer’s operational profile."

Construction of the 9300t vessel is expected to be completed by October next year.

MS World Explorer will be able to accommodate 200 guests and 111 crew members upon completion.

The 126m-long, 19m-wide ship will feature an operating cruise speed of 16k and a draft of 4.8m.

Rolls-Royce MarinePower Electric Systems vice-president John Nesje said: “Our experience of all aspects of ship design and construction has allowed us to help Mystic Cruises carefully consider the MS World Explorer’s operational profile, and identify the optimum combination of technologies to use, in order to reduce emissions and achieve improved performance and fuel economy.”

MS World Explorer is intended to provide expeditionary cruise services in Antarctica from November to March. The vessel’s first Antarctic season has already been fully chartered to Polar Cruise Company Quark Expeditions.

It is expected visit various small and distinct ports worldwide during the remainder of the season.