UK-based SRT Marine Systems has developed a new vehicle tracking system (VTS) that can be used in the monitoring and management of ports and waterways.

The new SRT VTS can be customised according to budgetary considerations and other such requirements, and is suitable for use in the medium and small ports, as well as busy waterways.

It offers accurate and reliable on-screen monitoring of all maritime traffic in order to improve overall situational awareness.

The new VTS is capable of using data from multiple sensors, including automatic identification systems (AIS), Radar, CCTV and communications.

It can also filter targets using several criteria such as configurable vessel activity and proximity analysis and alerts, live weather streaming and others.

The system uses advanced GeoVS charts and live sensor data visualisation integration technology to digitally display either 2D or 3D data.

"SRT Marine notes that its new VTS allows the vessel operator to ‘virtually’ place themselves on the bridge of any ship in real time."

SRT Marine notes that its new VTS enables instant replay of any incident data provided through 3D technology, and allows the vessel operator to ‘virtually’ place themselves on the bridge of any ship in real time.

The system can also transmit virtual aid to navigation (AtoN) to help guide vessels and can instantly highlight danger areas for any ship, while taking into account vessel draft, live tide level and infrastructure.

SRT's modular and scalable VTS is already in use by major ports around the world, including Portsmouth, UK, the Panama Canal, and PTP in Malaysia.

The company also deployed its vessel monitoring system (VMS) last month, which enables the monitoring and management of a set of national fishing boat fleet in the UK.

Image: A set up of complete port and waterway monitoring and management solution. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.