Norwegian shipping company Torvald Klaveness has selected ABB’s OCTOPUS marine software for installation on three of its new combination carriers.

Installing the ABB software on board the vessels will allow Torvald Klaveness to comply with various existing and new environmental regulations, as well as enable Klaveness to optimise performance across its fleet.

The OCTOPUS reporting system is compliant with International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP), and supports future EU monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) rules.

The software collects information from on board sensors, which is then used to provide insight into major performance parameters such as fuel efficiency.

Torvald Klaveness project manager Christian Hovden said: “Klaveness wants to improve the very nature of shipping.

"Embracing digital technology like ABB’s OCTOPUS will help Torvald Klaveness realise our vision, by allowing us to operate our vessels in a more efficient and sustainable way."

“Embracing digital technology like ABB’s OCTOPUS Marine Software will help us realise our vision by allowing us to operate our vessels in a more efficient and sustainable way, while complying with environmental regulations.”

OCTOPUS also has the ability to measure and display important vessel fuel consumption and torque-related key performance indicators. This capability complies with SEEMP requirements aiming to establish a mechanism for companies to improve the energy efficiency of a ship's operation.

The solution provides real-time information to the vessel operating crew, while the ship-owner's onshore operations department are also able to visualise and further analyse the fleet operation data using the OCTOPUS fleet portal.

Torvald Klaveness’ fleet performance centre intends to use OCTOPUS to monitor the performance of its ships.

ABB also launched the next-generation asset performance management (APM) solution Asset Health Center 3.0 last month, which enables asset-intensive industries to improve efficiencies and optimise costs.

Image: ABB’s Octopus marine software display. Photo: courtesy of ABB.