South Korea-based heavy lift company TPI Megaline has selected ABB’s Octopus marine software to ensure safe and efficient operations on one of its Mega Caravan semi-submersible vessels. 

The ABB software will help Mega Caravan, which transports oil rigs and drill ships, not to face bad weather and acceleration conditions.

By using ABB’s fleet portal, the customers of TPI Megaline’s will be able to observe the journey from shore.

"Through increased connectivity we are helping TPI Megaline strengthen its shore side capabilities."

ABB marine and ports business managing director Juha Koskela said: “OCTPOPUS marine software is raising efficiency and safety in the shipping industry.

“Through increased connectivity we are helping TPI Megaline strengthen its shore side capabilities.”

ABB’s Octopus marine software works on the basis of information such as the ships' parameters and load, as well as weather forecasts entered into it.

The pre-loaded information will enable the ship’s captain to have a distinct idea of the safest and most efficient heading for the vessel. 

Apart from featuring motion forecast functionality, Octopus includes a three sensor motion measurement set-up, which can be installed on the vessel. The set-up enables the software to measure motions on the vessel anywhere in the world. Both the shipping company and owner of the cargo can receive this information in real time.

Last month, ABB India commissioned a solution for shore-to-ship power supply for ships at the VO Chidambaranar Port, in line with the Government of India’s ‘Project Green Ports’ project.

The technology enables ships to plug in to shore power during docking and reduces the use of polluting diesel generators.

Image: TPI Megaline’s Mega Caravan semi-submersible vessel. Photo: courtesy of ABB.