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TMA Group’s specialised accommodation subsidiary Casco Offshore has awarded a design contract to Ulstein Sea of Solutions (USOS) for a high-specification DP3 800 POB monohull accommodation vessel, CASCO Enabler.

The contract marks Ulstein’s foray into a new offshore market segment.

The new accommodation vessel’s design will be based on the Ulstein Deepwater Enabler design and will include CASCO’s functional design and market considerations.

USOS Marketing and Sales manager Bram Lambregts said: “Developing the CASCO Enabler jointly with CASCO Offshore in a very open and constructive dialogue, has resulted in a unique, unrivalled design for this market segment.”

The vessel will be designed with consideration of CAPEX, OPEX and technical aspects such as safety, high-performance station keeping, crew comfort and logistics on-board.

The first vessel is scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The vessel will feature an internal atrium to provide daylight in almost all of the cabins and be equipped with a telescopic gangway to facilitate safe and comfortable personnel transfer to platforms.

Designed to meet DNV Comfort Class notation, the vessel will be equipped with an offshore crane and a fire-fighting system equivalent to FiFi 1-class.

The 144.6m long vessel will have a beam of 33m, depth of 18.9m and 7m operating draught. It will be capable of travelling with a service speed of 12k and will accommodate 800 persons.

Image: The DP3 800 POB monohull accommodation vessel, CASCO Enabler. Photo: courtesy of Ulstein Group ASA.