Croatian shipyard Vector Lenac has won a contract to convert an offshore gas and oil field installation vessel into a crane and pipelay vessel.

The vessel, named SHCV Sampson, was built in 2010 with a length of 180m, a width of 32m and carrying a crane with a capacity of 1,600 tons.

Under the conversion contract, six new diesel generators of 2200 kW each will be installed in two independent engine rooms and new ship systems will be installed with more than 40 tons of piping.

The new ship will also be installed with two new thrusters in existing fresh water tanks, as well as relocating the HiPAP for dynamic positioning to the newly built structural trunks.

The converted vessel will be equipped with pipe laying equipment which will include tensioners, track supports, conveyors and a pipe loader with hydraulic systems on main deck.

A new 300-ton pipe lay tunnel and A-frame structure will be built and installed while existing ship systems will be modified to accommodate new equipment, propulsion and power generation.

Two engine rooms, two switchboard rooms and two thruster rooms will be outfitted and an HVAC system will be installed in new ship spaces.