Ten Nordic ports collaborate on sustainable port management

13 November 2019 (Last Updated November 13th, 2019 11:37)

Ten Nordic ports have signed a declaration for sustainable port management.

Ten Nordic ports have signed a declaration for sustainable port management.

According to the declaration, the ports acknowledged that action is necessary and they should lead by example.

Copenhagen Malmö Port, Port of Helsingborg, Faxaports, Iceland, Port of Aarhus, Port of Helsinki, Port of Esbjerg, Port of Gothenburg; Port of Stockholm, Port of Torshavn, and Port of Oslo are the participating ports.

They have agreed to collaborate on environmental challenges related to the United Nations’ (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of a sector focus on port management sustainability.

Copenhagen Malmö Port CEO Barbara Scheel Agersnap said: “Sustainable development is a considerable challenge but also a development, which holds great potential and opportunities.

“Responsible business demands innovative ways of thinking and new ways of working. In order to accelerate solutions on sustainable matters, we need to create strong partnerships.

“This declaration signals a strong commitment among some of the largest ports in the Nordic region to act collectively.”

According to Copenhagen Malmö Port, ports serve as the connecting nodes of the economy across the world and global trade. They also play a significant role in creating a sustainable future in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN’s SDGs.

In their declaration, the Nordic ports emphasised the importance of sharing knowledge, information and best practices on different environmental topics such as energy use and pollution for optimising port management.

They intend to cooperate and exchange information related to environmental issues with the main focus on SDGs.