Germany-based shipowner Oldendorff Carriers has signed two new batches of newbuild (NB) contracts with Chinese Jiangsu Hantong yard for up to 12 eco Kamsarmaxes.

The initial order includes five firm ships, with an additional seven options expected to be announced during the first quarter of next year.

Hantong shipyard is anticipated to deliver the vessels between July 2022 and September 2023, with some of the ships having been resold to another shipowner.

Oldendorff has placed orders for the new Sdari-82 (2020) design, featuring enhanced hull form for a better light running margin (LRM) for the propeller and an ‘even lower’ level of consumption.

Sailing at a speed of 14 knots and on design load draft, the ship’s MAN-B&W 6S60ME-C 10.5 engine will consume 23.18t.

This month, Oldendorff will also take delivery of the last two 209,000dwt Newcastlemaxes, MV Heide Oldendorff and MV Hauke Oldendorff, from the shipyard.

These NBs will service a ten-year contract of affreightment from 2023.

This year the company has purchased 16 ships, along with the options for another seven vessels.

These include two 182,000dwt NBs from ex-yard Namura, one 119,000dwt vessel that was built in 2013 at Sanoyas, one 111,000dwt ship that was built in 2012 at Mitsui, and one 99,000dwt vessel that was constructed at Tsuneishi Zhoushan in 2013.

Other purchased vessels include two 96,000dwt Imabari-built vessels, two 93,000dwt Cosco Zhoushan-built ships, five 82,000dwt NBs from ex-yard Hantong, and two 61,000dwt NBs from ex-yard Dacks.

From 2016 to 2023, Hantong shipyard received orders for 31 vessels from the company, including 24 Kamsarmaxes and seven Newcastlemaxes.

In a statement, Oldendorff said: “We strive to maintain a modern and environmentally friendly fleet to serve our clients. Of the roughly 750 owned and chartered vessels in our fleet list, around 200 are on floating index-based period charters and around 80 on fixed-rate period charters.”

In January, China’s Chengxi Shipyard delivered the first of a set of twin self-unloading transhipment NBs, fitted with ABB’s Azipod electric propulsion, to Oldendorff.