US-based Omniq has secured an order to install its artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine vision solution, Q Shield, at Port of Ashdod in Israel.

Port of Ashdod is said to be the largest seaport in the country, with an annual cargo tonnage of more than 20 million tonnes.

By using patented neural network algorithms, the AI-based machine vision vehicle recognition system (VRS) technology imitates the human brain for colour recognition and pattern.

As a result, it allows users to make smart and quick decisions.

Omniq CEO Shai Lustgarten said: “The momentum continues as we win more projects that require accuracy and top performance. This order is a part of a comprehensive plan by the State of Israel authorities to address maritime trade needs, increase ship size and strengthen Israel’s economy.

“In the field of security, the core of the security system, which includes 15 servers and end accessories is designed and assembled in our facilities integrated with our patented AI algorithm.”

Lustgarten added that the system will feature VRS complexes, Omniq’s external and internal sensors, electronic fence and hacking alert systems.

The company claimed that it has deployed more than 17,000 AI-based machine vision sensors globally.

In a statement, Omniq said: “Q Shield is founded on patented features like identification of make and colour, combined with superior accuracy based on sophisticated algorithm and machine learning.”

The company offers computerised and machine vision image processing technology that deploys patented and proprietary AI solutions.

These solutions have the ability to collect data, manage supply chains, provide security and access control applications.

They enable the users to move people, assets and data securely through airports, national borders and other environments.