Estonia-based Port of Tallinn has teamed up with Poland-based Port of Gdynia to work in the area of hydrogen management.

A letter of intent has been signed in this regard, which will enable the ports to jointly implement projects linked to the production, storage, and distribution of ‘green’ hydrogen.

Besides sharing data on development projects related to the use of zero-emission fuels for seaports and the maritime economy, the focus will also be on the use of zero-emission fuels to create added value in the logistics supply chains of goods and services.

As part of the hydrogen strategy, the Port of Tallinn intends to deploy projects linked to the production and distribution of green hydrogen for use in the maritime industry.

Port of Tallinn CEO Valdo Kalm said: “Hydrogen will help Port of Tallinn create new value chains and economic opportunities and in doing so reach carbon neutrality.

“The Port of Gdynia is the initiator of activities related to the establishment of a hydrogen hub in the Port of Gdynia, which will serve the purpose of decarbonisation of port terminals.”

The port will focus on the use of hydrogen to power the equipment and devices, production and storage of ‘green’ hydrogen in the close area of the port, in addition to the use of hydrogen and other zero-emission fuels to propel vessels calling at the Port of Gdynia.

The adoption of ammonia and methanol as dedicated fuels for the maritime industry will also be part of hydrogen and zero-carbon economy development.