Portland Port, a commercial port located on the UK’s south coast, has announced an investment of £26m for berth development.

The port has secured all the required permissions for implementing the project.

The funding will be used to build a new, extended berth to replace the existing deep water berth (DWB).

The port will also add a 74m extension to the solid quay face of its current primary cruise berth, called the outer coaling pier (OCP).

Development works will consist of a new DWB with a 250m solid berth face, suite of new 150t bollards and 12m water depth alongside. It is anticipated to be able to manage cruise ships up to 350m long.

Furthermore, the OCP will be expanded to build a 250m solid berth face with 11m water depth alongside.

By providing 16,000m² of additional quayside space, the project will enable the port to handle two 350m-long cruise ships at the same time.

Portland Port landside general manager Alex Hayes will monitor the project.

In a statement, Hayes said: ‘This is a key investment for the port and demonstrates our commitment to the continued development of our infrastructure. 

“The project has taken a lot of time and planning to take it from its initial conception through to implementation.”

Knights Brown will serve as the managing contractor for the project, while Ramboll will act as the principal designer.

Red 7 Marine will conduct piling works, while Barrett Electrical, D&M Groundworks, ESG Trading, Pipefix and Quest Marine will support other works related to the project.