Shift Clean Energy has secured Type Approval from the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) and Japanese Marine Standards (NK) for its energy storage system (ESS).

The firm’s lithium-ion battery-based ESS is suitable for hybrid or fully electric propulsion systems for marine, offshore and inland waterway applications.

It can also be used for land-based industrial and renewable energy applications.

Shift’s batteries feature a patented integrated cooling system, with each battery cell enclosed in its own cooling channel.

Shift founder and CEO Brent Perry said: “We are proud to lead the market with our energy storage systems that have received the most Type Approvals on the market for safety and quality standards. At Shift, safety is our number one priority.

“Our focus has always been on building the safest and most robust energy storage solutions to electrify and decarbonise.”

In March, the company secured approval from the US-based classification society American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for its ESS.

Last year, the company also secured approval for its solution according to the classification society DNV’s new 2020 class rules for commercial vessel batteries.

Shift provides clean energy solutions to the marine market and has offices and channel partners in Canada, the US, Europe, India, Asia, the Middle East and New Zealand.

The company primarily focuses on the decarbonisation of the marine transport industry, as well as other hard-to-abate sectors.