The United Arab Emirates Federal Customs Authority (FCA) has introduced a smart mobile passenger inspection unit that will enter service next month.

The unit will be used at customs centres and entry and exit points on land, air and sea.

Designed by Emirati citizens, the unit features six types of smart inspection devices in one vehicle and is aimed at unifying the ‘national customs work and providing distinguished services to maintain the security of the community and the prosperity of trade’.

Emirates News Agency WAM quoted Customs Inspection Department Director Muteb Al Bannai as saying that the unit will undertake different customs inspection duties, including baggage and cargo checks.

He stated that the unit will feature X-ray scanners for screening luggage for narcotics, explosives, weapons, precious metals and forged documents.

The design and development of the unit took around 12 months, he added.

The unit includes a command and control room, which enables customs officers and inspectors to remotely control it.

It will also be equipped with facial recognition technology, allowing users to access data.

In addition, it will feature radiation detection equipment, an infra-red scanner and a metal and weapons detector and will ensure that the country’s customs stations adhere to FCA standards.

It is capable of detecting radioactive material, monitoring checkpoints using closed-circuit television, aiding outlets in times of crises and emergencies, and remotely controlling relevant equipment.