The UK’s Department for Transport will acquire a new ship to ensure other vessels continue safe and smooth operations in the UK seas.

The ship will be bought for the General Lighthouse Authority Trinity House to replace THV Patricia, which has been in service since 1982.

General Lighthouse Authority is responsible for providing over 600 aids a year to navigation around the UK waters, including ships, lighthouses and buoys.

The unnamed vessel will deliver critical navigation aids to ships in some of the most dangerous waters in the world.

Featuring the latest technology, the vessel will guide ships into safe channels away from wrecks.

UK Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani said: “Our maritime sector is crucial to UK trade, with 95% of our imports and exports transported by sea.

“With our waters becoming busier all the time, dealing with incidents quickly and efficiently is more important than ever.

“This new ship will support the General Lighthouse Authority to help future-proof their fleet and continue to support maritime safety and trade for generations to come.”

The government has launched a tender invitation to the shipbuilding industry to develop plans for the new vessel, which will join Trinity’s existing fleet.

Trinity House executive chairman Ian McNaught said: “We are pleased to hear that the maritime minister is content for us to move the vessel replacement project closer towards the design and build phase.”

Earlier this year, the Department for Transport has announced its Maritime 2050 Strategy, with the aim to reduce the environmental impacts of shipping and support UK-based businesses.