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The US has banned Russian-affiliated ships from entering its ports in the wake of Moscow’s military incursion on Ukraine.

President Joe Biden’s decision is the latest step aimed at building pressure on Russia, reported Reuters.

The president said: “That means no ship, no ship that sails under the Russian flag or that is owned or operated by a Russian entity, will be allowed to dock in a United States port or access our shores. None.”

The order, released by Biden, stated: “The policies and actions of the government of the Russian Federation to continue the premeditated, unjustified, unprovoked and brutal war against Ukraine constitute a national emergency by reason of a disturbance or threatened disturbance of international relations of the United States.”

Following the order, the Homeland Security Department will issue rules ‘to regulate the anchorage and movement of Russian-affiliated vessels’.

The order will stop Russian ships from entering US ports, even if they may have been reflagged at sea. It is applicable to Russian-flagged, owned or operated vessels.

However, the order does not seek to ban all Russian cargo shipments and will also not impact the US supply chain, reported the news agency.

With the latest move, the US has joined Canada and many European nations that have already banned Russian vessels from entering their ports.

Citing sources, the news agency reported that Russian ships made around 1,800 visits, which was less than 3% of overall traffic, to the US in 2021.

Almost 90% of this traffic from Russia was related to oil imports, which the US has already imposed a ban on.