Global marine support services provider V.Group has opened a new centre of excellence in Windsor Corporate Park in Oshiwara, Mumbai, India.

The new facility, which brings together the company’s six service lines and the full breadth and depth of its expertise in Mumbai into one location, has been designed for both shore-based and seafaring colleagues.

The new centre is in line with V.Group’s strategy and is underpinned by the company’s digital platform ShipSure 2.0, enabling better collaboration and information sharing between departments.

V.Group’s new centre of excellence will enable Embark, a programme that seeks to transform the company’s approach to crewing for its pool of more than 44,000 seafarers.

It also features dedicated seafarer lounges that create a collaborative environment and allow the crew to interact with shore-based colleagues.

V.Group CEO Ian El-Mokadem said: “The unmatched blend of technology and expertise combined with access to our broad range of ship management, crewing and other marine support services means our teams will be able to tailor solutions for our customers more easily than ever before.

“Investing in this facility is also an important step in developing future generations of marine talent.”

“Given Mumbai’s importance to global shipping and its status as a hub for seafaring talent, investing in this facility is also an important step in developing future generations of marine talent.”

The building also includes an upgraded version of the core unit of vessel management, Fleet Cell of the Future, which serves as a test bed and ground for new technologies.

The centre houses V.Group’s global business solutions centre, covering entity and vessel accounting activities.

Seafarers can use the fully customisable bridge and engine room simulators at the facility to train a wide range of realistic scenarios at sea.

This is augmented by a new video conferencing technology and training facilities for hands-on learning and knowledge sharing.