Fincantieri subsidiary Vard has secured a new contract to deliver three service operation vessels (SOV) for the Scottish company North Star Renewables.

Vard will be responsible for the design and construction of the three SOVs, which will consist of one larger vessel based on the Vard 4 19 design and two based on the smaller Vard 4 12 design.

The larger ship will be 85m-long and capable of accommodating 78 people in single cabins. It will be used for controlled maintenance.

The other two vessels will be 78m-long each and will be designed to perform corrective maintenance. They will be capable of accommodating 60 people in single cabins.

The vessels will be built in close collaboration with North Star Renewables at the Vung Tau shipyard in Vietnam.

Several other suppliers within the Norwegian maritime cluster will also be involved in the project.

The SOVs are slated to be delivered in 2023, following which, they will be deployed in the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, an offshore wind farm under construction in the North Sea.

Vard CEO Alberto Maestrini said: “At Vard, we continuously strive to deliver the best possible solution to our customers.

“Our dedicated team have had a close cooperation with North Star in developing these innovative ships for the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, and we look forward to continuing that good teamwork in developing future-oriented and environmentally friendly vessels for the renewables market.

“This market will continue to be one of the main pillars to support Vard’s growth.”