Finnish shipping company Viking Line has introduced digital keys for its Viking XPRS vessel cabin doors.

The Viking Line Club members can use the Viking Line application to open their cabin on the vessel.

Viking Line is the first shipping company in the Baltic Sea to opt for digital keys, while Viking XPRS vessel is the first in the company’s fleet to use digital keys.

The move is expected to make maritime travel easier. Customers will have to check in using the application on their mobile devices and open the cabin door with a QR code that they will use to embark on the ship.

The environmentally friendly solution reduces the use of traditional cardboard key cards.

Viking Line project manager Sten Smeds said: “Our customers have been enthusiastic to welcome the new digital keys.

“We aim at introducing the mobile keys for cabin doors on all our passenger ships in the next few years. It is, of course, still possible to travel with us using the traditional key cards since not everyone has the opportunity to utilise smartphones.”

During its maintenance period from 7 to 24 January, M/S Viking XPRS was upgraded and the restaurants on the ship were also renovated.

The new M/S Viking Glory will also be fitted with a mobile key system. The vessel will begin operations next year.

In October 2019, Viking Line announced that it will launch its new cruise ship Viking Glory, which is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly ships in the world.