UK-based Vortexa has introduced a suite of new Freight Analytics screens to offer a competitive advantage to charterers, traders and shipowners.

These intuitive screens will provide a comprehensive overview of the demand and supply across all tanker classes internationally.

Vortexa Freight Analytics will also display information related to congestion, vessel availability, fleet distribution, fleet utilisation surface clear as well as precise data analysis and insights in real-time.

The company stated that its solution will help traders, charterers and shipowners to make vital decisions in the shipping sector.

With these screens, users will be able to gain an instant understanding of fluctuations in international freight supply and demand in real-time.

The solution will allow charterers to reduce demurrage expenses, optimise operations, capture the best ships available in the market and precisely time their chartering decisions.

For improving their fleet positioning and recognising emerging freight trading prospects, the shipowners can use the Freight Analytics screens for assessing the dynamics of demand and supply.

Furthermore, the solution can help traders to quickly detect early indicators of physical movements that will influence prices and time-sensitive decisions.

Vortexa CEO Fabio Kuhn said: ‘’Our next-generation of Freight Analytics will be a major source of competitive advantage to charterers, shipowners and traders. We are very excited to level up the shipping markets to the frontier of what’s possible today with deep technology and advanced industry expertise.’’

Vortexa provides comprehensive real-time data and analytics tools for waterborne energy and shipping companies.

Currently, it is tracking over $1.8 trillion of waterborne energy trades in real-time annually.