US-based Wabtec and US Channel Partner, Cummins Sales & Service, have signed a contract for the supply of marine engine for Frederick Paup, a self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredge (TSHD).

Under the contract, Wabtec will be responsible for the delivery of five V250MDC marine diesel engines, which will consist of three 16V250MDC units and two 12V250MDC units.

Wabtec stated that the V250 series diesel engines will be manufactured at its plant located in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

These advanced engines are estimated to reduce air pollutant emissions by roughly 70% by using technologies that include high-pressure common rail fuel injection, two-stage turbocharging with inter- and aftercooling, advanced exhaust gas recirculation and an upgraded control system.

Wabtec said: “The engines meet the stringent EPA Tier 4 and the IMO Tier III emissions standards without the need for urea aftertreatment.”

It also noted that the engine design has up to 50% less weight and requires around 40% less shipboard space, as well as significantly reducing operating cost, operational hazards and costs associated with handling aftertreatment chemicals such as urea.

Claimed to be the largest US self-propelled TSHD, Frederick Paup will be constructed at the Keppel AmFELS Shipyard in Brownsville, Texas.

It is planned to be commissioned in 2022, with operations scheduled to begin in 2023.

The 15,000yd³ vessel has a 420ft length, 81ft breadth and 28.5ft draft. It will be owned and operated by Manson Construction.

Additionally, Wabtec said that the Frederick Paup will support the US Army Corps of Engineers’ mission to keep marine transportation highways open throughout the US.