Wartsila has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with UK-based Anemoi Marine Technologies for the future sales and servicing of Rotor Sail solutions to the shipping industry.

The MoU is linked to a license and cooperation agreement, which was signed by the companies on 22 October.

Also known as Flettner Rotors, Rotor Sails consist of vertical cylinders, which harness the renewable power of the wind to propel ships when driven to rotate.

Capitalising on the aerodynamic phenomenon known as the Magnus Effect, the mechanical sails will provide additional thrust to vessels while delivering significant fuel and emission savings.

Anemoi Marine Technologies CEO Kim Diederichsen said: “Our patented designs overcome operational constraints such as air draft and cargo handling, making the technology suitable for the majority of shipping sectors.

“As the industry focuses on emission reduction targets and energy saving, we are collaborating with Wartsila to strengthen our offering and facilitate the global uptake of our Rotor Sails by offering clients a full end-to-end solution, including sales, supply, and lifecycle support.”

According to the MoU, Wartsila will completely integrate Anemoi Marine Technologies’ Rotor Sails within its Propulsion Business.

The collaboration between Wartsila and Anemoi Marine Technologies will enable the adoption of wind-assisted solutions for most marine vessel types.

The immediate focus is expected to be on dry and wet bulk vessels.

Wartsila noted that the solution would be promoted for newbuild projects and for retrofitting to existing ships.

Wartsila Marine Power Propulsion vice-president Bernd Bertram said: “This agreement further enhances our ability to meet this commitment, and we look forward to working closely with Anemoi Marine Technologies to realise the potential of this technology.”